Professional Wood Inspection Kit

A kit for instant and accurate measurement of moisture content in a large range of wood species, relative drywall readings and comparative WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent) readings in wood by-products and other building materials. Featuring the Tramex Professional PTM2.0 with its built-in pins and a handheld heavy-duty pin probe, the Professional Wood Kit comes in a protective Tramex Easy-travel case.


Built-in calibration for 500+ wood species or standard calibration selection.
Wide moisture content range: 6 – 46% and digital readout to 0.1% accuracy.
Adjustable temperature correction. Reading “Hold” facility to freeze reading.
Save up to 100 readings for max, min, average and standard deviation statistics.
Colour LCD screen with brightness adjustment for low-light operation
Heavy-duty yet light-weight aluminum construction.
Built-in calibration checks for confirmed accuracy.
Battery powered. (supplied)
Built-in pins and socket for use with a choice of external pin probes. (optional)


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